Job Seekers

Workforce Solutions


Career/Vocational assessment-What type of work do you want to do? What is your current level of education, experience, and skill sets relative to what is required for that job.  Do you have any significant barriers to employment that would prohibit you from obtaining your goal? If so do you have an Employment Development Plan that will make you job ready?
Labor market information - The provision of up to date workforce information such as prevailing wage rate, industrial and occupational growth, education and experience requirements as it relates to your chosen occupation/career.
Resume Preparation assistance – We know you hear a thousand tips on how to improve your resume, but our resume guidance has been proven to help candidates land quality interviews. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!!
Job search workshop – You might be the best at what you do but awful when it comes to looking for work in today’s high tech, digital, social media environment, don’t feel alone. Point of Success Workforce Solutions Management and staff specializes in assisting people in all professions and industries including Professional, Managerial, Technical, Clerical, Sales and etc. We can help you by explaining how social media impacts your job search positively and negatively,` What exactly are your marketable skills and abilities, how do you research the job market, what are the best sources of job information to use, What is networking, how do you complete online applications, which is the best resume format to use and why, and what are the best answers to those tough interview questions!!
Job finding club - If you don’t like looking for work by yourself, Point of Success Workforce Solutions conducts job finding clubs where you will be able to network and land the job that you are looking for.  
Job development - Unlike other companies that prepare you and send you on your away, Point of Success will actually contact companies on your behalf to develop employment opportunities.
Job referrals - Yes job referrals!